TheMiamiBitcoin wants to help you and your business become one of the many in the South Florida area to embrace the future of money with our assistance. Bitcoin is a largely expanding alternative to the usual way we deal with money. As a result, we are committed to educating and guiding individuals to embrace the next big thing.

Buy Bitcoin

Obtain the assistance of a professional team to purchase Bitcoin of any amount, by using the methods we recommend. We can guide you through the process and obtain your desired amount of Bitcoin in a short amount of time. With multiple payment methods such as direct cash transfers, ATM's, and bank transfer.

Bitcoin Wallet Recovery

TheMiamiBitcoin will assist you in backing up your wallet in various safe places in the occasion that you have to retrieve your wallet. You will never have to worry about your Bitcoins in the possibility that you lose your phone or computer. Our staff is committed to recovering your Bitcoin wallet by using our specialize process until we have successfully recover your coins. Everything will be completed while keeping you inform through the recovery and in the end, transfer the balanced to a secure address provided by the customer.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading

E-Commerce Bitcoin Integration

We want to help your business accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. There is a substantial amount of Bitcoin users in the South Florida that are eager to spent their digital gold so let us help your business attract this large crowd of consumers. You will not have to worry about fluctuating prices of the Bitcoin market because you will receive the correct amount into your bank each and every time. If you also have a physical shop, we will help you accept Bitcoin via your point of sale system.

Bitcoin Miami Training

Bitcoin Private Training

TheMiamiBitcoin offers a training program which aims to take you from a total beginner to an expert in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This training program will teach you everything you need to learn regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You will have a one on one section with our team and be able to learn how to invest your money reliably and safely. In addition, you will learn how to make Bitcoin transfers to any part of the world at low cost and with very low fees. Another aspect is learning how to secure your digital money correctly and to how to be fully protected against cyber attacks. The goal of this service is to prepare you to use this technology in your daily life in a way that you can comprehend.

Back-Up & Cold Storage

To backup your money in more places for safety and security, you can do cold storage. Cold storage is a more complex way to secure your money and we can help you safe guard all of your money in another machine. We can store a copy of a private key that is part of a 2 or more multi-verification configuration. We will never ask you for enough keys to execute transactions on behalf of your wallet. To learn more about cold storage and how it can provide additional safety to you then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional Services:

  • Bitcoin Business Consulting: We will guide you on how to implement a basic business structure & advertising plan.
  • Key Generation: We will guide you on how to make keys and wallets for you.
  • Storing Keys: Secure keys with 2 step verification, & off-site keys.

What will we do for you?

  • Safely generate Keys for you to use
  • Help you design a plan for multi-signatures and get funds with various addresses
  • Guide you through the entire process step by step