Bitcoin Merchant Services

Adopt Bitcoin as a payment gateway for all your customers, allowing for simple transactions with fraud protection, and No PCI compliance required on your part.

Every business that accepts Bitcoins has shown to have an increase in traffic since they are visible in additional directories, such as,, and more. As larger companies like Microsoft, Paypal, and NewEgg begin to accept and use Blockchain technology many more users are set to enter the ecosystem.


In addition, if your business is strictly online and relies heavily on E-Commerce to sell your items, then we will help you integrate Bitcoin payments into your online platform. With the help of our partners, you will be able to receive the sales amount deposited to your bank account. We will discuss the best system to integrate with your web developers so that it can be running in no time.

What we do for you

  1. Choose the best system to integrate into your E-Commerce platform
  2. Actively publicize your business as a Bitcoin friendly business for people to find
  3. Guarantee that you have a secure way to get your money from your clients