Bitcoin Ultimate Security

Learn how to safely secure your Bitcoins from all types of attacks including digital and physical risks. We provide you with the right tools to create a risk-free environment in which all your Bitcoin is secure and under your complete control. Furthermore, we assist you with backing up your Bitcoin wallet in case of losing your keys.

Bitcoin Recovery Service

Our entire team uses up to date industry techniques to eliminate any risk of potential loss when creating or backing your Bitcoins. We plan every step of the process and have the necessary safety procedures that ensure a positive outcome out of every single project we handle.

Furthermore, providing the best service to our customers is our goal, this is why we provide quality customer support that ensures the complete satisfaction of all clients. Every project it’s handled accordingly by our outstanding team of Bitcoin experts that have the necessary skill, training, and experience with this technological shift called Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Safe Storage Solution

TheMiamiBitcoin uses the following techniques in conjunction with each other to maximize effectiveness and minimize any risk to all customers:

  • Multisignature Transaction
  • Cold Wallets
  • Physical Wallets or Offline dedicated devices
  • Multi Location Wallets

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