We won the Miami Bitcoin Hackathon

Our team was busy this past weekend creating something new for the entire Bitcoin Community. The idea came from our Founder Luis Molina, a way to be instantly inform a user about the Bitcoin ecosystem from his Macbook Pro using the brand new Touch Bar. During the 24 hours of the hackathon we push ourselves and ended up with a pretty impressive app we named CoinBar. Thanks to our lead developer Sergii Galaganiuk and lead front-end developer Moises Altamirano the team was awarded 2ND place out of 17 teams, all consisting of highly skillful developers.

CoinBar App Logo

“I can see myself just messing around with this all the time.”

Aaron Lasher, Breadwallet Chief Marketing Officer

The app was developed with many features in mind such as an RSS Feed that displays Bitcoin news from the top news sites, a Bitcoin ticker illustrating price adjustments with the added option of changing currencies, and finally a way to set custom price alerts. Coinbar is an extension of what we want to accomplished on this ecosystem, our focus is to expand our brand by creating apps and services allowing us to reach brand new customers. You can expect CoinBar to be release in the upcoming months with additional features not seen before by the community, to keep up with the development of CoinBar visit www.coinbarapp.com.




Source: CoinDesk

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